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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help if Your Claim Is Denied. Many victims of workplace illness and injury are forced to endure the stress and uncertainty of petitioning denied workers’ compensation claims.

What can I claim in a workers compensation case?

You don’t need to try and navigate the system on your own. Understanding policies, procedures, and your rights can be confusing and frustrating, and leave you without the compensation you’re entitled to.  Schofield King Lawyers can help you claim the following:

  • Weekly payments for loss of income. Thousands of injured workers face losing their weekly payments each year. But don’t accept what the insurer tells you. Schofield King Lawyers can help you determine whether your injury qualifies, and help you to make an effective claim, and/or ensure that you continue to receive all the payments that you deserve.
  • If you’ve been left with a permanent injury you may be entitled to lump-sum compensation for permanent impairment.
  • Costs for Medical treatment.
  • You may even be able to sue your employer in negligence, which could result in a further significant lump sum payout.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Will Help You After You File Your Claim

Many workers’ compensation claimants find that they benefit from seeking an attorney’s advice before they even delve deeper than the surface of the claims process.

The process of filing a claim often proves simple and straightforward, even without legal advice from an experienced professional; but partnering with a lawyer early allows victims to get to know their attorneys—and attorneys to become familiar with victims’ cases—which can be a benefit if the claims process proves more difficult than anticipated.

Workers Compensation Attorneys

Your workers’ compensation attorney will have the knowledge and extensive experience you assist you as you fill out the required documents. They can even help you gather documentation from other parties like doctors.

The inclusion or exclusion of certain verbiage or information may be able to help speed your case along—an attorney can help ensure that you stand the best chance at a smooth claims process.

Seek an Attorney as Soon as Possible Following a Workplace Injury

If you fall victim to a workplace injury, contact a legal professional.

It is very important that you inform your employer and ensure that they fill out an incident report as quickly as possible after the incident occurs. This should include things such as:

  • Where the accident occurred
  • Any witnesses to the accident
  • Date and time of the accident
  • What caused the accident

Following this, you should prioritize seeking medical attention. Workers’ compensation claims may involve victims seeing a doctor of their employer’s choosing.

Seeking legal advice can help ensure that your employer’s insurance company doesn’t deny your claim—and if it does, it puts you in a better position to appeal.

What On-the-Job Injury Claims Does Your Workers’ Compensation Law Firm Handle?

There are many different injury claims we deal with, a few but not all are listed below:

Your employer has a duty to ensure all employees are working in a safe environment. Many workplace injuries could have been avoided by proper safety precautions and adequate trading set in place by that employer.

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